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Is there any time that would work better for you? I'm pushing for user
interaction so I'll be as flexible as possible. The meeting will mostly
be between Doug and I discussing a roadmap. I'm just hoping for some
other ideas and targets from users.

Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team wrote:
> I am getting the emails. I don't know if I can make a meeting, but we'll
> see.
> --Eric Risty
> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team <
> ubuntu-us-sd at> wrote:
> I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be having a meeting this
> week. I've changed the time to better accommodate expected schedules. I
> still have not heard back from anybody yet so it's hard to guess a
> decent time.
> The new scheduled time is for 6:00pm on this Friday. My plan was for
> this to be enough time for people to get home from work as well as be
> before supper.
> I would appreciate hearing back from the members on our list. Please
> give me some sort of indication you are reading these messages at all.
> I have taken measures to keep this mailing list from being a path for
> spam into your mailbox. The owners of this list will have some further
> work to do, but hopefully this will be better on your part.
> Please pop into the meeting, even if you don't say anything. It would be
> nice if our members could show some interest and enthusiasm in our team.
> Even if you don't have any ideas now, perhaps the meeting will spark an
> idea.
> Thanks,
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