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Hi, Robert:

OpenOffice should be installed by default, and you can find it under
Applications->Office in the gnome menu.  If It's not installed for some
reason, you can install it by Applications->Add Remove.  The Add/Remove
Applications window will appear.  Select Office from the list on the left.
Scroll through the list on the right and select the open office apps you
want to install (Presentation, Spreadsheet, etc...).  Click Apply.  After a
moment you may be prompted for your password, after which everything should

Sharing folders from your Ubuntu system with a windows PC via samba is
relatively straightforward.  Here's the GUI way to do it: Right click on a
folder you want to share and select Sharing Options.  Check the box that
says 'Share this folder.'  A dialog may pop up asking if you want to install
the sharing service (samba), and if it does, just click Install Service.
Once the service installs you will be able to set whether or not the shared
folder should be writable or visible to windows users without an account on
your Ubuntu system.

If you don't mind using the command line, there is a lot of documentation on
the Ubuntu wiki about setting up samba as well.  Check out

I hope that helps.  Give a shout if you have more questions.


On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 2:59 PM, Robert <ro
bertg at> wrote:

>  Hi all.  I just reloaded Ubuntu and am starting over again.  I need to
> make Ubuntu talk to windows and I need to load Open Office on it.  Any help
> anyone could give me would be much appreciated.  I am currently downloading
> all of the updates.
> Thanks in advance.
> Robert Goulding
> robertg at
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