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Thu Dec 18 08:39:17 GMT 2008

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 - Short -
I just wanted to remind everybody that we will be holding a meeting in
#ubuntu-us-sd on According to our autojoin members,
this may be a good turnout.

This meeting will occur 12/18/08 at 19:00 (7:00 pm).

I'm sorry for those of you that signed up for alerts that will not be
receiving one. This happened because of some massive changes that will
not be occurring in the future. Thanks for your understanding... or
flame, I won't fight back...

 - Long -
As you have all probably noticed, I've been extremely preoccupied. I've
done a complete overhaul and redesign of our site a number of times.

I have a member of the Quebec team as well as a few Canonical employees
to thank for one portion of the migration being complete. The other
migration was my own undertaking which was equally exciting.

The entire setup for our site under both 5.x and 6.x are now completely
under version control. For those of you that haven't been around,
there's been a few incredible modules made available to us that were
previously only available to canonical. After getting setup on 5.x, I
decided it would be awesome to move to 6.x. The transition has
essentially taken place as of now, after only ... 100+ hours of working
on it.

What we now have, an excellent theme. Groups that control the content of
the site. ubuntu-southdakota members will at some point have access to
post stories/blogs about whatever. ubuntu-southdakota-editors members
will have access to modify most of the site content.
ubuntu-southdakota-admins members will have access to everything.

With this massive change, there's no need to bother with anything when
you visit the site. If you are a member of any of the groups, simply
click the Login button and you will have an account created for you as
well as appropriate permissions set. There will be no interaction
required on your part.

I'm still deciding if this is the theme I want to go with, or if I would
prefer utilizing some parts of the Quebec teams theme.

Opinions are always welcome.
- --
Michael Lustfield
Profarius, SD LoCo

Network and Systems Administrator
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