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Doug Jennewein doug at
Fri Nov 30 03:32:03 GMT 2007

Hi, Everyone:

The IRC channel for our team has been moved from #ubuntu-southdakota to
#ubuntu-us-sd.  Joining #ubuntu-southdakota will now forward you to
#ubuntu-us-sd.  We're a sparsely populated state, so the IRC channel is one
of the best ways for us to interact and share ideas so I encourage you to
check it out.  Before becoming involved with this project, I was unfamiliar
with IRC and found the following documentation useful. Have a look if you've
never tried IRC before:

If you happen to be using Windows or Mac OS, you can use XChat for Windows ( or XChat Aqua for mac (  Both apps are

Also, if you haven't done so already, add your information and location to
our membership page at
You'll need to log in to the wiki site and click the edit link at the top of
the Membership page to make changes.  Just include your name, email address,
and location.  This will provide a good picture of how our group is
represented throughout the state.  More detailed information on editing wiki
pages is available at

Thanks for helping support Ubuntu in South Dakota!

-Doug Jennewein
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