Please join me in welcoming our 5 newest members to Ubuntu Team South Carolina! ...and some items of business...

Craig Huffstetler craig.huffstetler at
Mon Oct 13 14:38:36 BST 2008

*Greetings everyone,

A lot going on but first please give a warm welcome to:*
Jeff Kern <> /
"Dan the Man <>" (excuse me if I'm
wrong about this one, but I extrapolated; perhaps it was "Dan the I.T. Man?"
But I thought "Dan THE Man" sounded the best...).
David Dewar <> (like the scotch...)
Rohan <>
and Jirah <> (last but not least, of

Just some courses of business for everyone:

*Please keep up-to-date with these couple of items:*

   - Read the basic "rules for our existence" found
   - Keep up-to-date with *our*
   feel free to make edits and additions as you see fit.
   - Keep up with the forums and talk
back<>(this is
   - *Join us on FreeNode in #ubuntu-us-sc to chat and join in on the
   meeting (specially the official meetings, which are listed at the top of the
   Wiki linked above -- Google Calendar is used as an ease-of-use function for
   helping you remember). This is part of your membership renewal.
   - Last but not least: *Contribute*. If you're a designer, offer to help
   out. If you're good with words, feel free to help with copy writing or
   editing. Good with web development...I think you get the drift. We all have
   our talents and we joined up to be *active contributors as a part of a
   team*; let's make Ubuntu South Carolina a success to be remembered!

One last thing: This is not a full time job, not even a part time job. We're
a bunch of volunteers with commonalities. **Your real life is first: family
and friends are first. We understand that.** I hope you joined to be part of
an *active* community and you want to contribute and we welcome that, and
need that, no matter the size. However, again, real life comes first. Just
let us know when anything develops (health, family health, real life events,
etc.) that hinders you from meetings etc. *We understand!*

If you do not have a Wiki page we invite you to create one. It helps us get
to know you. And also feel free to introduce yourself to this list and on
the forums at:

Our forums, as a whole, can be found at:
There have been a lot of DNS issues that I am working to resolve, but as
soon as they are this should actually be: -- but I'll keep ya'll updated (you all ;).

*Next step.
South Carolina needs to be Official. Let's get to it. Now!
*I would like us to all be at the next Ubuntu Community Council
*(EVERYONE THAT CAN ATTEND NEEDS TO SHOW UP) *on *4 November 2008 @* 21:00
UTC or *5:00 P.M. EST in #ubuntu-meeting on*.

It's going on our
This will one small step for man, one giant leap for So...err. Well,
you get my drift.

This is right before my surgery. I want to go into my surgery knowing the
Ubuntu Team South Carolina has become an official team. (It's no big
surgery, just a new hip -- and I'll have a stronger hip than all of you did
at the age of 24! Muahaha). Titanium baby!

This will also give us a chance to guage how many people show up for our
next official meeting on 29 October 2008 @ 8 P.M. (and our informal is on
every Tuesday @ 7:00 P.M.). Let's leave this for Discussion on the 21st and
specially the 28th and 29th, please.

And please guys COME TO #ubuntu-us-sc on IRC *ON:*
Tuesday, the 28th, and Wednesday, the 29th, (last days of this month). *I
can not stress the importance of this.*

#ubuntu-us-sc on (if you need help getting there, just ask
or see the Wiki) to chat about everything.

I'm so thankful to have such a great team with so many great members. Thank
you all.


Craig Huffstetler (xq/xarquid)
/Brian (recluse)
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