My Status, Ubuntu SC, and appointment of Brian (recluse) as Co-Leader

Craig Huffstetler craig.huffstetler at
Thu Sep 25 14:44:49 BST 2008

Greetings everyone,

I hope everyone had a great summer. I have been absent quite a bit due to a
medical illness and have appointed Brian (recluse) to take over the helm for
a bit. I will be on more and more during my recovery as things look up.

Short story short - I have been struggling with a condition of my hips
called "AVN" (Avascular Necrosis). It's very painful for me to get around.
Mind you, I'm only in my lower-to-mid 20s. They could never find a cause.
I'm having my right hip replaced, under emergency circumstances, within the
next couple of weeks. The left hip is still up in the air. Don't worry about
me, I'll be fine!

As you can tell - all of this is very unhip ;-) To say the very least...

I am very confident in Brian, and the entire team, in progressing far. We
have made strides in our numbers in the past few weeks. Hopefully I'll be
able to actually stay awake from the stupid medicine to attend a meeting
(sorry about last night!). But yes, it's been a tough ride, but I do not
want it to be tough for Ubuntu South Carolina.

Effective immediately, and most likely back-dated a little bit, is Brian's
appointment. In this time you need someone that will be there. Again, I do
not expect Brian to take this as a full-time job. Real life comes first,
family comes first, friends comes first. This is the same that I expect of
all of you.

I hope that Ubuntu South Carolina continues to grow, and I'll be back full
stride, and back to my full self, hopefully within the upcoming two months.
I hope to be on IRC more than ever and get some real-life meetings going (if
they haven't already started by the time I get back!).

Thank you everyone for your support.



P.S. - I will still be here, be able to answer e-mails, be on the forums,
and be on IRC when I can. Feel free to ping me (IM me, e-mail me, or catch
me on IRC if I'm on!).
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