Ubuntu-US-SC Meeting Tonight - (Me)

Craig Huffstetler craig.huffstetler at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 23:47:02 BST 2008

I will be running late to the I.R.C. Meeting tonight due to a work emergency
(not a true emergency...but an emergency enough to keep me at work, if you
get my drift). If I am not on in time for the meeting (or the end time for
the meeting...) please just treat it as a get together and someone please
post a meeting log to the mailing list and/or Wiki (please, please, please).

I would just like you guys to really socialize yet at the same time maybe
brainstorm some ideas (brainstorming always finds a way into socializing,
trust me).

I hope you guys have fun. Treat it as sort of a meet and greet...with
everything and all of the goals we have in mind coming up.

And...I'd really love to see more use of the forums ;-P

Talk to you soon. And I'm very sorry about this.


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