March 2008 Meeting Announcement (IRC Official Meeting) & A Call to Action

Craig Huffstetler craig at
Tue Mar 18 16:26:37 GMT 2008

Greetings fellow Ubuntians,

The next official (and third) Ubuntu Team South Carolina LoCo Team IRC
Meeting has been announced. It will take place on:

March 28th @ 7:30 P.M. EST in #ubuntu-us-sc on FreeNode IRC ( as usual.

If you need any help with IRC or getting to the meeting, please e-mail us
back and we will assist. Details, the agenda for the meeting etc. will be
derived from the forum and this mailing list before-hand. So PLEASE
contribute your ideas, thoughts and aspirations for the team. Add to the
above agenda if you have any specific agenda items, questions or comments
that you would like to address. Anything is welcome that is on topic (and
the topics are pretty broad as long as they are related to the team and what
we are doing...).


To catch up on current happenings, please read the most current posts on the
forum found here:

The top two posts I would like comments/suggestions/ideas anything you can
think of on would be: ("Official Team Status,
When? May, of course!") ("SC LoCo Charter, The
Beginning") -- This is VERY important as well. Please help contribute to
this effort. We really need to complete this. It CAN be amended but we need
to at least complete a fleshed out version for the team to start and to be

We're obviously seeking active volunteers, team leaders OR OTHER IDEAS
(besides teams?). Do you have any ideas? Write back, post them in the
forums...make your opinion known. We'd love to hear it! We really do value
your opinion as a member of Team South Carolina. We would not be where we
are today without YOU. Truly we would not. We need more volunteerism and
activism within the team to make our efforts shine and come true. (I.E. the
Wiki could use a face lift, the web design could use a face list, we could
use a logo -- there is a great one in process of the board (IT IS LOOKING
GREAT -- I was soooo happy to see this!!!), just things like this).

Keep up the momentum. We are starting to shine.


*A CALL TO ACTION (As per recluse2, this is recluse's idea per IRC today):*
I would like two groups to start thinking about forming (on a volunteer
basis, ONLY after you read the above posts and really are able to "commit"
to them. I do not want people committing and then not contributing. This has
been a problem in the past for Ubuntu-SC and for other projects I have been
involved with.

The two "groups:"
Wiki group
--> Graphic design needed
--> Content management (structure / organization)
--> Content creation
Obviously, Wiki technology (the Ubuntu Wiki specifically) is easy to learn,
use and is simple markup. If you know HTML or are familiar with it, Wiki
language is even easier...a graphic designer (or just someone familiar with
Vectors and/or Photoshop or The Gimp) should be able to assist in this
endeavor. I can help on this end (design and content) and fill in gaps where
needed in both groups. I can also help with Flash Design and/or Animation
(3D Video) if/where needed, if we think it is appropriate. We will decide as
a team once these "groups" are established.

Charter Group
--> Content idea generation
--> Take ideas and charter ideas to general membership base for vote (vote
generally can last 1 - 2 weeks, or less). Majority rules (1/2 or 2/3).
--> Content organization.
--> Content layout.
-----> Final approval by team.
Amendments can be managed and added later.

This group would be responsible for maintaining the Charter and helping idea
generation and keeping the voice of the members heard. Actually, the group
WOULD BE made UP OF MEMBERS, so it should not be a problem...however, I
would like the members to be in constant "watch" and communication with
members to seek out problem areas and areas that could need approval. This
way we could use the Charter as a means of helping IMPROVE the group!

Thanks for your time and contributions everyone!


Craig Huffstetler / xq / xarquid
Ubuntu Team South Carolina
Ubuntu LoCo United States
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