Ubuntu Oregon 12.04 LTS Release Party Planning.

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 16 01:18:03 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone,

As the release of Ubuntu 12.04 is getting closer I would like to 
initiative planning for the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Release Party. In order to 
create an event that is inclusive I would like to try and guage 
everyone's availability.

I anticipate that April 28th or May 5th would be the most ideal days for 
our release party but of course this is up to discussion. I have created 
a Doodle poll so that people interested in participating in the release 
party can share their availability on those dates that way we have an 
idea of what is going to work best.

Please fill your availability here: http://j.mp/PrecisePlanning

In addition to finding a workable date and time we will also need a 
venue and hopefully some sponsors for food and beverage and as such I 
will be sending out some pitches or better yet requests for sponsorship 
over the next week and when I get enough responses we can decide on 
venue. If you know of any large venues or companies interested in 
sponsoring food or beverage for the release party do not hesitate to get 
in touch with me.

As usual the Release Party will be held in the Portland-Metro area to 
accommodate the greatest amount of attendees and we encourage those who 
have never been to a release party to consider coming and I'm hoping 
that people from OSU LUG/OSU OSL, PLUG, FreeGeek and of course Canonical 
will join us!

Benjamin Kerensa
Team Lead, Ubuntu Oregon

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