Burien Ubuntu Hour

Linda Halligan linda.halligan at gmail.com
Sat May 8 00:53:32 BST 2010

cfh wrote:
> Greetings Ubunteros:
> My local coffee shop has agreed to host ubuntu hours.  I'll be at the
> Burien Press Coffee Shop across the street from City Hall/Library on
> Thursdays 4:30ish.  The Burien Farmer's Market is also held that day
> across the street.  

> Are there any official ubuntu-wa logos, materials, distro discs
> available?  
We don't have an official loco logo yet. We've got a few mock ups that
Mark Terranova did for us up here:


We are pretty much out of official material from just having done
LinuxFest Northwest. What little was left is up in Bellingham in the
care of one of the Loco members there. We do need to order more material
for our UW HUB Lucid table that may be happening this month (/me pokes
CJ) we can split out some of that and get it to you for the Ubuntu Hour.

> Anyone else willing/available to come by?  I'm hoping to
> start next week. Thanks.

I would love to come but I work during those hours and I am on the North
end on Thursdays. Hopefully other people will be able to join you. I can
get a simple flier made up this weekend if you want to print some to
distribute locally or post a few at the coffee shop.

As an aside, I think it would be awesome to have Ubuntu hours all over
the state. Maybe we can prep some templates for fliers and a standard
method for getting CDs and schwag distributed to people who want to host
an Ubuntu hour locally.


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