Mail List Activity

Chuck West chuck at
Sun Mar 29 18:56:49 BST 2009

Yes the mail list activity is a little slow right now and our Linux
Users Group in Olympia has discussed why. The best we can come up with
is Ubuntu is so easy to use now you can hand a person a CD and they are
off. If they do have questions the can use search engines to answer them
easily most of the time. Our group has been distributing and supporting
Ubuntu for almost five years now and we do it mostly with friends and
telephones now because it has become so easy.

I think the mail list is a brilliant idea and people can and should take
advantage of it. If you have questions you certainly can ask them here.
All success and failure can be reported here too. We like to here it

Also if anyone wants to help build the Washington Team please contact:

Chuck West

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