Shirts for Linuxfest

Paul Bartell paul-bartell at
Fri Mar 21 02:26:15 GMT 2008

Hey all,

I was talking with Paul DeShaw, who brought up the idea of having
shirts at linuxfest for us all to wear. Im wondering who would be
interested in paying ~$10-15 (maybe 20) for a t-shirt, or polo if that
is what people want. Paul Suggested a company in bellvue, and I am
currently looking around at costs. The usual minimum for most sites is
around 36 shirts, but i think some will probably go down to ten
(makeing the price higher of course). I was thinking basically getting
the design from the canonical store printed locally and getting a bulk
rate of some kind. (ts the shipping from the UK that kills it all for
buying straight from canonical)

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present controls the past." - 1984

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to ram it down their throats."
 - Howard Aiken

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