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Subject: [Gslug-general] Next Meeting: January 12th, 2008
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 22:29:28 -0800
From: Eric Butler <eric at extremeboredom.net>
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Hey everyone,

The next GSLUG meeting will be January 12th, 2008.


I'm sure last meeting's great attendance was mostly thanks to everyone's
effort to spread the word, so please keep it up!

If you can attend, please RSVP for food by adding your name to the
bottom of the wiki page. This way our friends at Silicon Mechanics will
know how much food to order.

Lighting talks will again be 5 minutes, if you have anything to talk
about, please add it to the wiki page. If there's a topic you'd like
someone else to talk about, add it to this page:


If you'd like to talk about something, but aren't sure what, this page
will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Let me know if you have any questions, see everyone next year!

 - Eric
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