I need your help with my loco team.

Pomeroy Lab admin at mindblowingidea.com
Mon Sep 24 21:32:20 BST 2007

This message is for Will Simpson and anyone else who wants to help.

My name is Justin Breithaupt and I live in uncharted Linux area known as the Inland Northwest Counsel in Boyscout ease. I'm in South East Washington. The farmers are scared of computer education for some reason. No one will sponsor it. But I just started after 6 years of trying and here is what I've got so far https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WA-Pomeroy . What I really need is someone from a different area who does help sponsor Linux to help me to afford my $600.00 a month expansion plan to move into a large building where I can use all 24 of my computers instead of just 3. Also that $600 covers utilities and rent. If someone wanted to buy it out for me they would need to call 1-509-830-8090. You could also pay him directly for rent and utilities if you want to take the burden off of me to make it look like I'm using the money for unjust causes. and believe me people in this town would love to point the finger at me and say that. I hope we get more members next week. We need someone
 to promote us to Lewiston, Clarkston, Asotin, and other surrounding areas. If I had this building I could operate my personal buisness out of a corner and expand my business enough to where I could stay and teach while my evil minions I mean computer technicians went out and did computer work. I want to convert Lewiston and Clarkston and the surrounding area to Linux. Not only will this benefit my business but it will benefit my community as well. I also want the Boy Scouts to be able to store their stuff in the building because I'm an Assistant Scout Master and Eagle Scout. I want my home troop to store their camping stuff there. This will improve the reputation from the public eye too. That should help keep me in the clear. 

I need two other things. I need non profit status. 

I also need a lawyer to defend me against paypal. I haven't found one who can yet. I have a recording of Paypal admitting they tried to deceive me and the only motive behind that would be for them to get money. I'm out $909+ thanks to them.

Any help appreciated.

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