Oregon Release Party @ Free Geek - WiFi Details

Thomas Mashos thomas at weilandhomes.com
Fri Oct 19 23:44:42 BST 2007

We'll be setting up a wireless router with a little security.  We don't
have a problem with outsiders using it, but we think they should stop by
and check out the release party first.  Here are the details if you want
to set your system up beforehand.  If for some reason you are not
compatible with this (IE, you only have a 802.11b adapter) let me know
and we can fix it.  

SSID: GutsyPartyAtFreeGeek
Mode:  G-Only
Security Mode:  WPA2 Personal
Key Type: TKIP+AES
Key: r&W$'Df7dOTlK-bF%:[eQ8|Upr!fGReyj_MBC@{$ar3$#([~`liQk,<~!!NXP[q

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