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I think lots of us got that.

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> Hi Folks,
> I'm reaching out to the PNWTeam because I'm a reporter/blogger who will be
> at Ubuntu LIVE. I'm also interested in assisting Windows users (like me) who
> are striving to make the move to Ubuntu. I'm wondering if you can help with
> two items.
> 1. First, will the group be at Ubuntu Live on Sunday and/or Monday? If so,
> would you care to be interviewed about Ubuntu's potential as a consumer PC
> and smart phone option? I write for TechIQ magazine ( and
> would love your thoughts.
> 2. Second, I'm piecing together a social network for Windows users -- like
> me -- who need help mastering the finer points of Ubuntu. Would you care to
> join the network and help newbies like me along? If so, A LINK IS BELOW. I'd
> love your participation and would certainly be willing to promote the
> PNWTeam across the network and my blog.
> Thanks for any help you can offer. Here's my contact info. I hope to meet
> you at the event if you're attending.
> -jp
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