Update notifications on Ubuntu 6.06

Gene Cavanaugh patents at gcc-ip.com
Mon Jul 9 23:07:09 BST 2007


I always install Ubuntu updates. However, I recently
got two "non-free" updates that don't really seem to
be relevant to me, and since installing them might
result in my having to enter some sort of "payfer"
without even knowing what or how much, I decided
to skip them.

Problem is, the notifier won't go away. I assumed I
could just uncheck and "update", but the update
button greys out and I can't hit it. When I uncheck
them with other checked updates, then "update",
they stay there; with the two checked. If I uncheck
them again, I am back to square one.

Is there a way to reject them so that the notifier icon
goes away?



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