Team IRC meeting?

Dan Shufelt dshufelt at
Sun Feb 11 00:52:14 GMT 2007

Hey team,

Last announcement for the day.  We have a few people that have joined
the team now.  I would like to arrange an IRC meeting to hash out the
What, Who and How's.  I believe we can increase team activity and become
official in the very near future but we need to determine who the
players are.  When would you be available to meet?

Here is a rough meeting agenda (subject to input and change of course):

1) Meet and Greet- Say hi and learn who your fellow team members are and
what their vision is.

2) Formally establish a current team goals and overall purpose.
Currently I believe our goal should be to become an official team and
our purpose is primarily advocating and distributing but what steps do
we need to take to start progressing.

3) Define the teams primary form of when and how team votes will be

3) Determine who the team's primary contact will be (currently me) as
well as what responsibilities they should hold.

4) Determine who the team's primary webmaster should be as well as their

5) Determine if other other positions are currently needed such as team
scribe or distributor as well as their responsibilities.

6) No team member should EVER feel overloaded.  What steps can team
members use to either take a break, retire from a formal role or get

7) Should we start monthly meetings or proceed on a meeting requested

If this team is to become as successful as I would like to see it I am
going to need allot of help.  Personally I am not "anti-windows" but I
am pro-choice.  With the release of Vista I can't think of a more
important time to ensure businesses and users realize choices exist.

Best regards,

Dan Shufelt
Ubuntu- Pacific Northwest Team (PNWTeam)
dshufelt at

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as
a nail." -Abraham Maslow
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