Ubuntu-us-pnw Digest, Vol 14, Issue 3

Walter Neary tiwake at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 21:52:47 BST 2007

Woah, lots of mix on how this issue should be handled... and here goes
another another one.

I honestly don't think having PNW becoming official would add anything that
couldn't be obtained by having the surrounding states becoming official
(namely Oregon and Washington). I don't know about Washington, but Oregon
has enough members to do lots of cool stuff.

When Oregon and  Washington become official (just a matter of time), both
teams could pool the resources in PNW. I like to think of it as a potluck,
people bring food to a get together and everyone enjoys. As far as resources
go, I think the only thing gained is being able to get more CD's from shipit
(could be wrong); everything else is done in house (like the art project),
and will continue regardless of whether it is "official" or not.

Yes, PNW becoming official would be a good thing for us, but I don't think
much, if any, is gained over the surrounding teams becoming official.

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