August Team Meeting Follow up (please reply)

Paul Bartell paul.bartell at
Tue Aug 14 14:25:10 BST 2007

My opinion is to continue trying to get approved, and try and help the
oregon and WA teams. The CC might not like us being for the whole PNW.
Mabie they havea point.if they make one exception, they will have to
make more. (or change the policy). I think we should try to combine
the efforts of  WA, OR (and ID AK etc) using  the PNW.

On 8/14/07, Matthew West <mwest at> wrote:
> > b) We decide to continue with what we have because it works and try to
> > become official.  In addition we continue supporting the US Teams
> > project by
> > using our resources to get the Oregon and Washington loco teams
> > approved
> > then run and manage all three separate entities together.
> >
> > Either way, I will personally be helping the Oregon, Washington,
> > Pacific
> > Northwest and US Teams projects to the fullest of my ability.
> Hi All,
> My name is Matthew, and I am part of the fledgling PDXTeam.  Here's
> my two cents...  GO OFFICIAL!!!  You don't have to alienate the
> smaller groups like ours.  Like you said, just being available to
> help is great.
> As well, since most of you/us are located in the Seattle area, the
> smaller "satellite" groups have a tough time getting together in person.
> I don't see why you can't act as an official Seattle/WA group, but be
> an "unofficial" umbrella group for us smaller ones.  Best of luck,
> and I hope we can make it official by the end of the year!
> Take Care,
> Matthew
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