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Fri Jul 28 16:22:13 BST 2006

Looks great to me.  Anyone considering:

as a possible place to hand out some cd's, etc?  Might be a good place to
meet up with the community and get some more members?

On 7/27/06, Dan Shufelt <dshufelt at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working on
> designing a team business cards to hand out with Ubuntu CD's.  Sorry for
> not getting back to everyone sooner but I wanted to check with the
> powers that be since Ubuntu business cards are supposed to be perks for
> full fledged Ubuntu members.
> The good news is that the idea was accepted!  I don't plan on putting
> any names on them but I'll be sending out the design in soon.  If you
> don't have a printer or a money enough to print some please let me know
> and I'll do what I can to some to you.
> My current plan for the cards (since we do not yet have a team logo)
> is:
> _________________________
> ubuntu_logo
> Distributed by the
> Pacific Northwest Local Community Team
> URL:
> ________________________
> Can anyone think of anything they would like to add?
> Sorry about the text work, I don't have much time.  Family and friends
> are bound and determined to drag me away from my keyboard.  I have the
> feeling that they've been conspiring against me for almost a year now.
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> Best regards,
> Dan Shufelt
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