Start of CD Distribution

Steve Bourg steve.ubuntu at
Sat Jul 22 21:14:23 BST 2006

I received 50 Ubuntu CDs yesterday from - woot!  I 
stopped by the closest computer store  I 
knew from a previous trip that they already had Ubuntu CDs in the back. 
This time they had the CDs at the back wall of their sales counter - it's 
a step up! :)  They had a few version 5.10 disks so they filled the CD 
holder with a dozen version 6.06 disks.  The owner of the store was out 
sick so I was unable to discuss additional opportunities.  I plan to 
revisit next weekend.  At the very least I'd like to get their permission 
to mention them as a CD distributor and provide them contact info for CD 

I've been thinking about mutual opportunies - I'd really like to establish 
a showcase retailer relationship.  Here are some ideas:

- Provide retailer my contact number for CD restocking
- Obtain permission from retailer to acknowledge them as an Ubuntu CD 
- Create a full promotional display for Ubuntu
  -- A full Ubuntu installed computer with showcase applications 
installed, for use by customers
  -- The display computer system would be 100% Ubuntu compatible and would 
be available for sale as displayed
  -- Standard Ubuntu media materials (brochures, CDs, etc)
- Volunteer my efforts to determine which hardware being sold at the 
retailer is Ubuntu ready.  I could create and maintain a hardware list 
that their sales staff could reference when needing to sell a hardware for 
an Ubuntu system.
- Provide the retailer with a software "equivalency" list so they can 
be a more informed advocate of the platform's software options/potential.
- Offer basic demonstration training
- Offer system support training

I believe that if we can help the retailer become capable of supporting 
the platform and explaining/demonstrating its capabilities, then it's to 
their benefit to sell a more cost competitive configuration.

Steve Bourg

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