Access to Ubuntu media

Steve Bourg steve.ubuntu at
Fri Jul 21 05:21:55 BST 2006

I'd like to keep a stock of Ubuntu installation media to ensure that 
physical distribution points don't dry up.  Current access to free media 
seems uncontrolled (quantity of media provided for request) and 
inconsistent (ship 
times).  Is there any way that I can pay (my way of contributing) in-part 
or in-whole for Ubuntu 
installation media and have it shipped ~immediately upon request?  I 
noticed that the media is being resold on Amazon, but for $10 per CD!! 
I'm hoping that I could buy the media in quantity at ~cost and maintain 
access to the media.

This may be premature - aside from waiting for my very first batch of 50 
CDs (I requested 70), I don't have background to say that distribution 
will be hard to maintain w/ the current option.  I do see signs though.  I 
suspect that retailers won't keep an emtpy CD holder on the counter for 
too long..

Steve Bourg

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