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Wow!  This list is off to a great start.  We already have 5 subscribers!

Mike-  There are currently 3 PNW Team members (so far).  There is also
another PDX team that has 3 members not counting myself.  You might also
find some additional members by looking at the map located

Steve- The letter looks great!  My only concern is setting up the needed
processes and infrastructure to be able to provide quality support.  I think
it is important to manage user expectations.  We need to define what are
support scope includes / does not include as well as how we plan on
providing this support as a team.

For instance a gentleman contacted me the other day regarding a PDA sync
issue in Evolution.  Until now I have not had a method to even see if
another team member could assist him in a more timely fashion.

Next I would like to make some type of team business card of insert to place
inside of the (x)(k)ubuntu CD sleeves that contain our team contact
information.  Even if all it said was:
Distributed by the
Pacific Northwest Local Community Team
ubuntu-us-pnw at

Here are a few other pages that may be of interest when thinking about

On this topic I will create yet another wiki project page so we can begin
documenting our approach and encourage collaboration.

So has anyone had a chance to review the current project outlines?

Can anyone  think of a better method of facilitating projects and giving
back to the community?

I know the PNWTeam is just getting off the ground but is there anything I
can do to improve our team?

-- Dan Shufelt

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> Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 22:04:15 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Steve Bourg <steve.ubuntu at>
> Subject: Promotion through Computer Retail channels
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> Hi Team, I have 50 Ubuntu disks on order.  I plan to contact computer
> retailers in my area about distributing Ubuntu media and brochures at
> their establishment.  I've come up with an email that I'd like to get
> blessed.  Let me know if I'm overpromising our ability or stepping
> outside of a comfort zone.
> Steve Bourg
> ..............
> Hi, my name is Steve Bourg and I live here in Tacoma.  I've joined a
> community organization for the promotion and support of Ubuntu Linux
>  I'm looking for a computer store in my
> area that could distribute Ubuntu Linux CDs.  Where feasible, I'd also
> like to evolve the
> relationship further into thing such as: hosting support events,
> advertising Ubuntu Linux supported computer systems and components, and
> training of staff to support
> Ubuntu Linux installations.  Other ideas of cross promotion are welcome.
> Please let me know if any of these options are of interest to you.  I'd be
> happy to stop by and discuss further if you'd like.
> Thanks,
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> Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 23:51:48 -0800
> From: "Mike Nelson" <mike at>
> Subject: how many of us are there up here?
> To: ubuntu-us-pnw at
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> i want to know how many of us are there up here in the great north west?
> I am always pushing ubuntu at the computer store I work at. I know its
> like shoting my self in the foot
> because all i really do is fix broken windows. but linux is superior in
> every way but price. an ubuntu has made it accesable to every one (and ultra
> simple) my first linux install lasted about a month and that was with
> mandrake. now its like an hour and I have every thing just the way I want
> it. no viruses, no spyware and I didnt spend an outrages ammount of $$$$$ on
> a mac. and it does everything I need and more.
> i also own my own consulting company and am thinking of pushing open
> source solutions to everyone. if they know its avalable and they can try it
> why not. why spend thousands on a M$ product that is full of holes and
> prone to FAILURE. UNIX makes the internet go round. so why not the desktop
> world.
> i have migrated from windows to ubuntu at work and it has increased my
> productivity, and my ability to recover data. (man I love linux)  so enough
> of my blabbering. lets all get together and push this beautifull thing.
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Best regards,

Dan Shufelt

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a
nail." -Abraham Maslow
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