how many of us are there up here?

Mike Nelson mike at
Thu Jul 20 08:51:48 BST 2006

i want to know how many of us are there up here in the great north west?

I am always pushing ubuntu at the computer store I work at. I know its like shoting my self in the foot
because all i really do is fix broken windows. but linux is superior in every way but price. an ubuntu has made it accesable to every one (and ultra simple) my first linux install lasted about a month and that was with mandrake. now its like an hour and I have every thing just the way I want it. no viruses, no spyware and I didnt spend an outrages ammount of $$$$$ on a mac. and it does everything I need and more.

i also own my own consulting company and am thinking of pushing open source solutions to everyone. if they know its avalable and they can try it why not. why spend thousands on a M$ product that is full of holes and   
prone to FAILURE. UNIX makes the internet go round. so why not the desktop world.

i have migrated from windows to ubuntu at work and it has increased my productivity, and my ability to recover data. (man I love linux)  so enough of my blabbering. lets all get together and push this beautifull thing.

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