whats with the resistance??

Paul Bartell paul.bartell at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 01:38:28 BST 2006

yes very true. I usually call ubuntu an open source operating system instead
of free. people have been very swayed about the word FREE immediatly
associating it with no money instead of the freedom of use and distrubution.
Also Ms started in Seattle and people are used to it and immediately discard
linux as a terminal based operating system and that there is no gui at all.
We need to tell people that it looks just like windows. People dont
understand. i find that even people with technical understanding even think
its all a terminal.

On 8/15/06, mike <mike at midcolumbia.net> wrote:
> Can any one tell me why every one is so standoffish when you mention an
> alternative to M$? I mean every person I mention this great thing to
> looks at me like I have leprosy or something. is it 'cuz most free stuff
> isn't worth beans? or do they really fear change that much. I did have a
> very positive experience with a guy. It was at a young professionals
> meeting he kept asking what the draw backs were. and here's the great
> part. I couldn't think of any REAL problems. so he said Send me a CD Id
> love to try it. he was pretty excited about it..
> Why should you have to pay for stability and security?????
> there is an alternative
> <b>UBUNTU</>
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