[Ubuntu-US-PA] OT: FOSSCON 2015 in 30 days. Have you registered yet?

Thomas Ward teward at trekweb.org
Wed Jul 22 00:21:51 UTC 2015

How large is the Ubuntu presence? If I can arrange transport and if it's
worth the time to stop by, I *might* be able to show up for part of that
day, given that I attend college in Harrisburg, PA... it's still a
couple-hours journey though.


On 07/21/2015 07:41 PM, Jim Fisher wrote:
> FOSSCON, attend. Try. See.
> http://fosscon.us/
> This year, a special workshop/installfest by NTR. Showcasing a little
> about all the things they do locally. How you can help them, and how
> they can help you.
> Followed by our own installfest supported by various distros
> and the NTR crew.
> NTR info: http://ntrweb.org/
> OOPS, almost forgot to mention, NTR will be bringing hardware, that
> anyone can upcycle at the installfest for a small donation. About
> $20.00. I think many are still running previous NTR donated laptops
> from 3 years ago!
> Hope to see you there!

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