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Sometimes A Simple Computer Is The Best
If you're one of those folks who doesn't want to fork over giant
stacks of money for the latest whiz-bang gizmo with all the most
fashionable bells, whistles, and doo-dads, ... If, in other words,
your computing needs are fairly simple, so there's no sense wasting a
lot of computer power when a simple machine will do the trick just
fine, then NTR's Computer Thrift Store has what you like!
For just $99, our Linux PC will get you surfing the Net and doing your
email without distracting you with irrelevant features. It has a
moderate amount of memory (512 MB of RAM), a moderate amount of disk
space (40 GB), and it runs an open source document suite you can use
to write letters, etc, without a lot of fuss. It runs on Linux, not
Windows, but since your computing needs are simple, this is exactly
what you want. This machine comes with a 90-day drop-off warranty.
(Even the warranty is simple: No packing and shipping.)
So, if you're one of those folks with modest computing needs, we hope
you'll come home to NTR's Computer Thrift Store!
1524 Brandywine StreetPhiladelphia PA
summer 2014 hours of operation are Tue-Fri, 10-6.
Visit us! http://www.ntrweb.orgFollow us!
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[1] http://ntrweb.org

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