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Lee H. Marzke lee at marzke.net
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A few years ago I interviewed the director of the Crawford County
federated library system based out of Meadville, PA


They transitioned to Linux about 10 years ago,  based on much of the same reasons.

They use an open-source library system called KoHa,  and had to hire a
consultant for some software changes.   All-in-all their
cost has been about the same or slightly less expensive
than going commercial.    But they have a lot of control
and can now make small software changes easily.

So you really can't start out promising that the cost will be
less ( it depends ).    Meadvile was able to save a lot of
money by using older hardware, etc.  But the IT folks hired
were likely more expensive than what you need to run commercial
systems,  and the consulting fees for adding missing features
to the library system did run up quite a bill.    Since their
library was larger ,  I believe they had to fund an improved
indexing system as part of Koha on their own to improve performance
on large catalogs ( they have 300k objects in the
catalog )   I think they also worked with other libraries to
fund other development items in Koha, so each library funded
just one feature useful to all.

Because of the lack of yearly support,  the costs in year 3 or later
dropped a bit and they got ahead.

They started with non-critical systems, like Internet
browsing stations running LTSP diskless boot stations.
Later them moved into running the library on a system, and
eventually spread it to all their federated branches.  This
is a rural library system spread out pretty wide.

All of their linux talent was found from the local
technical college.

I also have moved to Ubuntu for my business laptop,  and use it
for Enterprise VMware consulting.  It is full-disk LVM encrypted because
I have non-disclosure agreement and have to keep all my clients
data secret.   I do run an XP VM, since VMware does need windows
for the client.   I've had few issues running only Ubuntu for
the last 5 years or so ( on Thinkpad X61 tablet, and X200s )

Blain, if you want to get more info or some of the materials I
have on the Meadville project contact me off list.   I think I
may have the video interview somewhere.


Philly area,  PA

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> Alden, I'm too far west (DuBois) to offer help or to get help, but I'm
> very interested in prepping a presentation myself. Our public library is
> planning to upgrade hardware and while they're at it, they are
> investigating Linux for perhaps the whole shebang, including the user
> desktops. I've talked to them about a public presentation regarding
> Linux and open source and they're very interested. I've got some draft
> presentations made in Impress. I sure could use some collaboration and
> some advice from others.
> I'm a home desktop user, as well as my wife. We both jumped off the MS
> ship in 2007 and haven't touched MS since. Other than the desktop usage,
> I don't know much else such as networking or even touching on any type
> of enterprise use, so for now, I am focusing more on the home desktop
> user since XP is soon to expire and many are going to be looking at
> alternatives.
> Blaine
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