[Ubuntu-US-PA] Eagle Scout Project (Presentations)

Blaine Clark blaineclrk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 20:49:12 UTC 2014

Alden, I'm too far west (DuBois) to offer help or to get help, but I'm
very interested in prepping a presentation myself. Our public library is
planning to upgrade hardware and while they're at it, they are
investigating Linux for perhaps the whole shebang, including the user
desktops. I've talked to them about a public presentation regarding
Linux and open source and they're very interested. I've got some draft
presentations made in Impress. I sure could use some collaboration and
some advice from others.

I'm a home desktop user, as well as my wife. We both jumped off the MS
ship in 2007 and haven't touched MS since. Other than the desktop usage,
I don't know much else such as networking or even touching on any type
of enterprise use, so for now, I am focusing more on the home desktop
user since XP is soon to expire and many are going to be looking at


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