[Ubuntu-US-PA] Installfest Cherry Hill, NJ Saturday May 3rd

Jim Fisher jedijf at myfisher.org
Thu Apr 3 10:25:26 UTC 2014

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Hi all,

With the help of the Cherry Hill Library their will be an "XP to Linux
(Ubuntu) Installationfest"[1] on May 3rd from 1 to 5pm.  It will be
focused on XP users who will be getting a "lack of support" message
from their machine on April 8th.

I'm envisioning:
 0 Making people sign the waiver
 1 a brief 10/20 minute intro to Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu (assuming we
have a group at a time)
 2 then going around around the room evaluating each person/computer
to see if their usage would work on Ubuntu - just a discussion
 3  Now starts the more one on one work of confirming that the
hardware works, determining what that person wants (dual boot vs wipe
everything), and then doing the install

I picked May 3rd so we can be deploying Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  I may still
work on making a worksheet to help people make choices.  Currently,
the plan would be to do install via USB sticks/CDs with the latest
14.04 image (maybe multisystem images).  (Ethernet connections may not
be available).

So if you're free on May 3rd and want to help please let me know!  I'd
also be happy to hear any Installfest pointers anyone may have (I
already checked online docs like [2]).


[1] http://host6.evanced.info/cherryhill/evanced/eventsignup.asp?ID=5501&rts=&disptype=info&ret=eventcalendar.asp&pointer=&returnToSearch=&num=0&ad=&dt=mo&mo=5/1/2014&df=calendar&EventType=ALL&Lib=&AgeGroup=ALL&LangType=0&WindowMode=&noheader=&lad=&pub=1&nopub=&page=&pgdisp=

jim fisher

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