[Ubuntu-US-PA] Ubuntu-us-pa Digest, Vol 55, Issue 2

Blaine Clark blaineclrk at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 19:45:26 UTC 2012

Hello all and especially Thomas,

I'm Blaine Clark from DuBois, on the 100 mile post of I-80 and on route 
219. I switched from XP to Ubuntu several years ago along with my wife 
who decided to switch after watching me patch her Win 7 after some 
updates messed her computer up and seeing me have no problems at all 
with Ubuntu, which happens to be the reason I dumped XP. We are a Linux 
household! We are also members of the Pennsylvania Council of the Blind. 
When I was researching my OS switch, I found out about Vinux, which is 
Ubuntu that's been optimized by and for the visually impaired. I've 
since installed Vinux on several computers for blind friends and sent 
out a few installation disks for others who were curious. 
http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=vinux I even mailed the 
tower of a desktop to a member near Lancaster using the Free Matter for 
the Blind USPS program. Any item, from large sized text for the legally 
blind to hardware that's been purposely altered for use by the blind 
qualifies for the Free Matter program. Keyboards without large letter 
keys don't qualify, nor do mouses or some other hardware that can't be 

Last week, our son's mother-in-law got some expensive news about her 
laptop. It had crashed and wouldn't get past the BIOS. Her only option, 
apparently, was to buy a new Win 7 installation disk since her laptop 
hadn't come with one and she hadn't made one for herself. I asked her 
why she wanted to pay for MS twice if a reinstall was all she needed. 
She's not much more than a casual user, emailing, browsing, gaming and 
very little else. I told her there was a fix that was free and permanent 
that I could try. She became very skeptical immediately. I explained 
about Linux and I had a (sorry) Mint 13 Maya/Mate disk with me that I 
was trying for myself. I'm not fond of the Unity desktop and I want to 
upgrade. I installed Mint for her, installed Firestarter, some games 
that she thought looked interesting and Bleachbit. After setting up 
Firestarter I did a deep clean with Bleachbit and that sped up her 
laptop like lightening! She still has some trouble getting wrapped 
around the idea that she doesn't really need an anti-virus and that she 
can't install 'Windows' programs ... yet. Later on I may introduce her 
to WINE. There was not one bit of a learning curve for her between Win 7 
and Mint 13. She fell right into it and likes it better than MS and 
likes it better every day!

She couldn't get over how quick and easy Thunderbird was to set up, 
without the installation disks from her ISP that she was sure I needed 
and without a call to her ISP support either! She likes the Desktop and 
System navigation, very Win 7-ish, and how when she clicks on a program 
it opens NOW, not a couple seconds later. Startup is also great, knocks 
her socks off! Another convert and full-time Linux user I'm sure!

XChat is an IRC package. IRC is Internet Relay Chat. 'Talk', or text 
chat with others in chat 'rooms' defined by their address such as 

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