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Hi Beth Lynn,

Thanks for getting in touch!  I am no longer the team contact for the
Pennsylvania LoCo team, Jim Fisher has replaced me, and I have copied him
and the mailing list on this email so that we can get you some quick

I am thrilled to see this organization in Western PA doing such good works!
 We have worked with organizations in the Philly and Harrisburg areas that
reburbished and donated machines in the past, and have very good response
from the community.  Historically Western PA has been a bit more difficult
for us to get events going, so this could be a great way to get the western
part of the state motivated and engaged!

Please find information on us at our wiki, which has links to subscribe to
our mailing list, our team on Launchpad, our website, and more.


See below for my answers to the specific questions.

On 4 September 2011 09:23, Beth Lynn Eicher <bethlynn at partimus.org> wrote:

> Dear Bret,
> As the leader of the Pennsylvania Ubuntu LoCo team, I want to introduce you
> to Dave Sevick, the Executive Director of ComputeReach.
> Dave created a 501c(3) non-profit called ComputeReach to organize the
> activities of the North Pittsburgh Mac User Group who was rescuing Macs from
> the trash of rich schools and redeploying them in schools that didn't have
> computers. They have been doing computer recycling with Macs since 2001 and
> they have successful deployments in several foreign countries. With
> outstanding partnerships with Goodwill Industries, Construction Junction,
> and multiple International humanitarian groups, they have the resources
> to acquire, triage, repair, store, stage, pack, and ship. Dave and his crew
> have deployed over 3000 macs globally without taking a salary. These people
> have great hearts and are fully committed to the gift culture.
> Today, ComputeReach wants to expand with PCs with Edubuntu. Through
> Goodwill, they have the pipeline of PCs and a shop to bid them with. Through
> Western PA Linux User Group, they have Linux-savvy volunteers. With the help
> of these volunteers and Goodwill employees, they have an image based on
> Edubuntu LTS and loaded it onto a PXE server. I personally have met with
> Dave and his team several times over the past 8 months. These folks are
> hungry for Ubuntu and see the benefits of Free Software.
> ComputeReach has 3 groups requesting Edubuntu in their schools. They need
> to get things rolling with the help of the Ubuntu community to fulfill these
> requests before the end of the year.
> Dave asked me how to get engaged with the Ubuntu community. Can you help
> us....
> 1. Gain recognition for ComputeReach as a Pennsylvania LoCo team project.
> It is much like Partimus, a CA LoCo
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Partimus
Post an event on the Wiki, in the mailing list,  and the forum, and talk to
people  on the irc channel is the best way to get the ball rolling.  The irc
channel historically has been the best tool for this.

> 2. Pursue Ubuntu membership status for Dave Sevick
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership  is the place to go to see about applying
for membership.

> 3. Ask Canonical to use the trademarks of Edubuntu, Ubuntu, and
> Circle-of-Friends on their serial # labels, fundraising materials, and
> website to grow awareness for their new direction.

Please review the information at
http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy to see how to go about
utilizing Ubuntu name/logos.

> 4. Subscribe Dave to the Pennsylvania LoCo team mailing list so that he can
> post calls for volunteers for the Edubuntu efforts.

I prefer not to subscribe people myself, but Dave can follow the link below:

> Please let us know if you can help and what the next steps would be.
> Thanks,
> Beth Lynn Eicher
Thanks again for getting in touch and I hope that we can get something
exciting happening with Dave!


- Bret
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