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jim fisher jedijf at myfisher.org
Sat Aug 20 13:15:12 UTC 2011

some of it was uploaded to launchpad:


On 8/19/11, brent timothy saner <brent.saner at gmail.com> wrote:
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> On 08/19/11 21:24, SilverTip257 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Some time ago the Philly group (including Kevin Valentine) were
>> discussing cloning computers for NTR.
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam/CommunityOutreachTeam/NTRDualBootImage
>> I'm looking to set up an automated install solution and I'm looking for
>> ideas.
>> Also I stumbled upon the video for the NTR imaging and think it's
>> pretty neat.  I have more questions!
>> I didn't find the scripts used in the video anywhere (those used to
>> automate the partitioning and disk restore).
>> If anyone can point me in the right direction to the scripts or has a
>> copy that can be shared, I'd appreciate it.  There is plenty I'd like
>> to learn from the internals of those scripts.
>> Thanks,
>> ---~~.~~---
>> Mike
>> //  SilverTip257  //
> I don't think they were made publicly available, but I have a copy of
> them for educational purposes... i'll have to check with kevin and check
> on the license if any to see if i can redistribute, but if i can they're
> yours. remind me off-list tomorrow after 0900EST. :)
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