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jim fisher jedijf at myfisher.org
Thu Aug 18 22:23:16 UTC 2011

Philadelphia Area Computer Society SFD Extravaganza <http://pacsnet.org/>

Supported by Ubuntu US PA Local Community Team<http://ubuntupennsylvania.org/>

September 17, 2011 “Open-Source 3D Printing” by Members of

3D printing would have been science fiction just a short time ago. Now there
are many printers available at affordable prices. Hive76 members will be
demonstrating one this month. It’s an open-hardware model using open-source

They have offered to ‘print’ any 3d object that a PACS member makes with
Blender (preferred) or Google Sketchup. If there are more objects than time
available, members can visit Hive76 open houses to print their ‘things’.

The September meeting coincides with Software Freedom Day. SFD celebrates
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). If you think FOSS is just Linux, it’s
much more than. Free and open source applications exist for Windows, Linux,
and Mac desktops see this. The Linux SIG will devote their session to FOSS.

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