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Bret Fledderjohn freelancer317 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 18:27:29 BST 2010

I thought this might be interesting to some of our members, it's a free
Python conference at Ohio State University on July 31 - August 1.


Here's some info that I stumbled onto:

Learn a new language, make new friends, network with some of the top
technical talent in Ohio and the midwest, improve your Python coding skills!
All for free!

PyOhio is an annual conference for Python programmers in Ohio and the
Midwest. PyOhio 2010, the third annual conference, will take place Saturday,
July 31 and Sunday, August 1, 2010 at the brand-new Ohio Union at the Ohio
State University.

In addition to over twenty talks (http://www.pyohio.org/2010/Talks), PyOhio
will have a Python tutorial track for those wanting to learn the Python
programming language, or improve their Python coding skills. Python is a
great FIRST language as well, so if you have any teens who are interested in
programming, the tutorials could be a great place to start.

In addition to the talks, there will be lightning talks, where anyone gets
five minutes at the podium to talk about whatever Python or technical topic
interests them. There will be sprints, where anyone can help make open
source projects like Django better.

Finally, for those wanting to contribute directly to Python core, we have a
couple of folks who are core committers who will talk and help anyone who
would like to help get up to speed on how to contribute to the Python

For more information, please see the PyOhio site at: http://www.pyohio.org

Please register at: http://pyohio2010.eventbrite.com/


- Bret
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