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Andrew Keyes akeyes at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 14:54:16 BST 2010

Recently, a proposal for an Ubuntu Stack Exchange was created
(http://webapps.stackexchange.com/ or http://stackoverflow.com for the
unfamiliar). It is now into the commitment stage, and it needs your help!

The hope is that this will be accepted and the Ubuntu site
will be helpful for those individuals whom are already familiar with
the immensely popular Stack Overflow type sites, and for a new class
of user (we can always use more of those, right?) for whom the forums
might be a bit too cumbersome for any multitude of reasons.  It also
wont hurt to leverage the success and talent pool that the Stack
Overflow family of sites have cultivated.

Interested? Hit the "Commit" button on http://bit.ly/9ieAxo and it
will be on step closer to making this happen. For those without an
account on StackExchange, you can use your Lanchpad openid to
signin/create an account.

- Andrew

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