[Ubuntu-US-PA] Netbook remix boot conundrum

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Followup to Jake Otto's message:

Consider using the normal Desktop Edition for your laptop, just a thought,
I'm done.

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Hi All,

I'm VERY new to ubuntu (so new that I haven't actually been able to  
use the OS yet), so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I created a boot CD for Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix, and installed it  
onto my Lenovo S10 netbook last night.  I then booted up the computer  
for the first time after the installation, and can hear the HDD  
spinning, but all I have is a black screen.

I tried booting from the (external) CD drive again, but since the  
screen is black, I can't see any settings to change the boot order.

I did see that there was what I thought to be an identified bug on the  
launchpad site that matched this issue, but I now understand that it  
was for a different version of Ubuntu.  I think the bug said something  
about certain Intel graphics chips not being compatible, yet there was  
a workaround or fix.

I'm kinda dead in the water here as it's my only PC (I'm sitting here  
typing this email on my phone) and I can't really move forward.  I'm  
not necessarily set on this version of Ubuntu, so if there's a way to  
install a version that wouldn't present this issue that would be  

Thanks to any and all,


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