[Ubuntu-US-PA] "Open Options" is Coming!

Bryan Behrenshausen behrenshausen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 20:50:40 GMT 2010

Hello everyone,

The date of Millersville University's open source software event,
"Open Options: Remix Computing with Open Source Software," is
approaching quickly!  My colleague and I are currently organizing our
event funding and publicity timeline in advance of the February 18
panel and demonstration session.

We are still in need of volunteers to informally demonstrate open
source software at the event, and we invite panelists to participate
in our roundtable discussion of open source issues.  Anyone interested
and available to demonstrate software or speak should contact me
immediately to register her or his interest.  For more information
about this event, see its wiki
and our previous discussions around it

We also discussed "Open Options" at a December meeting of the LoCo
team.  Several team members expressed an interest in demonstrating
Ubuntu, OpenOffice, open source media center software, and even the
Android platform.  All these technologies are welcome!  Also at this
meeting, a few individuals inquired about the sufficiency of the
library's connectivity, and I'm happy to report that we've selected a
venue that should satisfy demonstrators' power needs.  Additionally,
we're confident we can provide access to the library's wireless
network so demonstrators can display Web-enabled technologies and

When planning event logistics, my colleague and I will need to know
precisely how many folks will be demonstrating software so we can
accommodate their technical needs (i.e., outlets, cables, wireless
Internet access, etc.).  And because we will soon begin circulating
promotional materials for the event, we'll need to finalize our guest
list shortly.  Therefore, anyone interested in attending the event to
demo or to speak should contact me no later than February 8.

Thanks in advance for your interest and assistance.  We're very
excited about this upcoming event, as we think it will introduce
students to software, themes, issues, and ideas that have never been
more important in their lives.


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