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As the others have said, WINE probably isn’t going to help you much here.
WINE is a software layer in Linux, not a diagnostic tool.  If you can’t see
a file using BartPE it either isn’t there or your hard disk is corrupted.  I
don’t know which BartPE distribution you used, but UBCD4WIN
(http://www.ubcd4win.com) should have all the tools you need to repair the
problem.  Run chkdsk on your drive and then show hidden files.  If the file
still isn’t there and you are sure it is supposed to be then grab it off
another workstation running the same release and version of Windows or use
the “expand” command to decompress it from your installation CD.  If you
think your registry is/was corrupted be sure to try the “Last Known Good”
boot option before you attempt to repair/replace your registry.  Some
versions of Windows keep a backup copy of your registry; you will have to
look up its location if you have one.


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hello, my name is willie and i have situation that needs immediate


my problem is that my windows xp is doing the "auto log on then log off


i need to get into the registry to fix the 'userinit.exe' file and point it
in the right direction.


i have tried just about everything. i tried remote access through another
computer (network registry) that didn't work. i've tried PC regedit that
didn't work, because it can't see the 'userinit' file. Bart PE didn't work
using the "HIVE" method because again it can't see the 'userinit' file. I've
tried knoppix, because it has WINE but it's not pulling up the regedit


i'm trying ubuntu for the first time and i must say it's impressive. it pick
up all my hardware and it's allowing me to see my harddrives. i went into
terminal and typed regedit and gave me a message saying " regedit can be
found in wine, i'll have to enable component called 'universe' ". well, this
is what i want to do.


i want to install wine into the live cd. when i run the ubuntu live cd, wine
will be available in the application package and i can try to change the
registry via ubuntu. can you help me with this task?


thank you.



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