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On Fri, 2010-02-12 at 11:02 +0000, Willie Hickson wrote:

> hello, my name is willie and i have situation that needs immediate
> attention.
> my problem is that my windows xp is doing the "auto log on then log
> off dance.
> i need to get into the registry to fix the 'userinit.exe' file and
> point it in the right direction.
> i have tried just about everything. i tried remote access through
> another computer (network registry) that didn't work. i've tried PC
> regedit that didn't work, because it can't see the 'userinit' file.
> Bart PE didn't work using the "HIVE" method because again it can't see
> the 'userinit' file. I've tried knoppix, because it has WINE but it's
> not pulling up the regedit program.
> i'm trying ubuntu for the first time and i must say it's impressive.
> it pick up all my hardware and it's allowing me to see my harddrives.
> i went into terminal and typed regedit and gave me a message saying "
> regedit can be found in wine, i'll have to enable component called
> 'universe' ". well, this is what i want to do.
> i want to install wine into the live cd. when i run the ubuntu live
> cd, wine will be available in the application package and i can try to
> change the registry via ubuntu. can you help me with this task?
> thank you.
> wilie

I believe what you want is at http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/ 
You can download and burn their CD, which will allow you to modify the
Windows registry.

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