[Ubuntu-US-PA] "Open Options" is Coming!

Thomas Ward trekcaptainusa.tw at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 22:26:22 GMT 2010

If only I had about $75 right now... I'd be able to go get a nice big supply
of 2GB usb sticks and make MANY LiveUSBs.

What I'm probably going to send is 2 CDs, maybe 6 DVDs (CDs and DVDs of
Desktop Edition, 32-bit), and probably 2 USB sticks, as that's how many
spares I've got around.

Launchpad ID: TrekCaptainUSA
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Wow, thanks to everyone for such quick and generous responses!

Elizabeth and Bret: Thanks for passing my message along, and for
trying to connect me with folks from the December chat.  And Thomas,
thanks for all your work, too.  Canonical has donated a box of Karmic
CDs for the event, but we have NO USB sticks (which would be wonderful
to give out, if you have spares).  Any of the swag sounds great, too.
We'll circulate whatever you're willing to donate!

Thanks again to everyone.


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