[Ubuntu-US-PA] Remix the Future - Update

Bryan Behrenshausen behrenshausen at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 15:56:19 BST 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks so much for responding.  A few answers (however tentative) for you:

>> We're hoping members
>> of the PA loco team might be available to attend this event and
>> participate in any of the following ways:
> Would this be held on a weekend?

When we met, I explained to my colleague that the PA loco team is
comprised entirely of volunteers who are balance their involvement in
Ubuntu events with the demands of their full time jobs, and that we
could expect more involvement from the team if we held the event on a
weekend.  She understood this; however, one concern is that holding
the event on a weekend would decrease opportunities for student
involvement (i.e., more students are likely to attend an event at the
campus library during the week than they are on, for instance, a
Saturday night -- unfortunately!).

>> My colleague is currently investigating the feasibility of
>> hosting an event some time this academic semester -- most likely in
>> late October or early November.
> I'm game for any of this if it's done on a weekend, can a couple
> potential dates be floated? The Karmic release is also around this
> time and I think we're going to start planning release parties and we
> want to make sure that nothing overlaps, Lancaster is close enough
> that some Philly people might want to come out.

We'd absolutely love if Philly folks could attend and enhance the
event.  The Library Outreach Committee is meeting this week -- most
likely Wednesday or Thursday -- to discuss the feasibility of the
event and negotiate potential dates.  I will remind my colleague that
a new iteration of Ubuntu is scheduled for release in late October,
and that we can expect more involvement from loco teams if our event
does not overlap with already-schedule release parties (thanks for
reminding me of this).  When I have more information from this
committee -- regarding potential dates, financial allocations, etc. --
I will immediately relay this information to the ListServ or pop into
a Wednesday night meeting.

Thanks for much for wanting to help!  I'm very excited about this
event's potential for raising the profile of free software on campus.

Feel free to write with more questions or suggestions any time.  I'm
open to any and all feedback.


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