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Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Wed Mar 18 16:21:44 GMT 2009

Anyone who came to the Bug Jam is familiar with the non-profit for which I 

One of the programs within RHD is LMVTC.  LMVTC (Lower Merion Vocational 
Training) provides vocational training, among other things for mentally 
retarded individuals.

The acting director of the program has approached our IT department with 
thought about the program getting involved with cleaning up and packaging 
donated computers for distribution to financially disadvantaged individuals and 
families.  While LMVTC's clients exhibit a range of abilities, none would be 
in a position to configure the PC's OS or software.  Cleaning up means 
polishing keyboards and removing dirt, stickers, etc., from the monitors.

The primary focus of this endeavour is to provide meaningful work for the 
clients while providing a source of low cost or free computers to the 

As this is both similar to and different from NTR's mission, I was hoping for 
suggestions, including:

* sources of usable hardware
* assistance with software installation configuration (I would like to deploy 
Ubuntu as I expect the computers will (1) run it better than WinXP, and (2) 
not require external sources of drivers)  There is one full time employee who 
can probably do this with minimal training.  No idea whether this will be 
* partnerships
* other ideas or suggestions

Thanks for any input.

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