[Ubuntu-US-PA] Mail policy

Bret Fledderjohn freelancer317 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 14:10:54 GMT 2009

Well, it looks like some spam has slipped into the mix here.  I've blocked
the exterior messages, however this one came from within the list.  It looks
like fubar sent it to this list using a member's email.  I've sent an email
to the member, and wanted to make sure that everyone is on board that if
this type of email hits the list what you would like me to do.

As you may or may not know, 99.9% of the spam is blocked and discarded by
one of the administrators after review, unless someone is a subscriber to
the list, if that is the case, it just flies right through.  I would propose
that if I see this again, I will put the email account in question on
"moderate" which means that all their messages to the list must be reviewed
by one of the list administrators.  If we see these messages continue, the
user will be unsubscribed and banned from the list.

The other option, which I don't really want, is a completely moderated list.

Now I don't want to be draconian, but I don't want to see this list become a
spam dumping ground.  Since we are a community, I wanted to ask for input
from you, the community, how you want to handle it?

- Bret
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