[Ubuntu-US-PA] Anyone have a recommendation for a cheap wireless card for my Desktop?

Joe Terranova joeterranova at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 22:17:40 GMT 2009

> The cabling in the basement wouldn't be bad, but running it down from the
> second floor is the problem.

I had similar issues. In response, I used a power line adaptor to
bridge the connection. I used this one:
Relatively inexpensive, and it works. I had to run a windows program
to connect them (though the packaging suggests this is optional), and
I've never had any problems since. If there's a power line connection
between your house and your basement, this is what I'd recommend.

I think what we're getting at here is that if it's not a laptop,
you're probably better off with a wired connection. Especially since
there's probably a slab of concrete between your basement and the rest
of your house.

Joe Terranova

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