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Here's some more information on running a Bug Jam for the upcoming Global
Bug Jam (Feb 20-22).  The wiki has added a schedule for irc meetings, as
well as links to various resources.

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On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 9:32 PM, Chuck Frain <chuckfrain at pobox.com> wrote:
> Have a 'Running a bug jam' meeting in early January to give people time to
> prep a bit based off what they learn. Then a followup at the end of the
> month or early February to catch follow up questions and deal with issues
> the way to the day.
> About two weeks before have a series of IRC sessions on 5-a-day, triaging,
> how to use launchpad and other topics as seen fit.

Hi Chuck (and others),

I have gone ahead and scheduled some pre-jam sessions with myself and
Daniel here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam
These will be for loco leaders or people who are interested in
learning how to run a jam. (We did these last year)

These dates were picked so we could have 2 in the European timezone
and 2 in the US (after work). If anyone who has run jams in the past
wants to add themselves and run sessions that cover other timezones
then that would be great, or you could just show up to the existing
sessions and help out.

I have also linked the youtube video to the wiki. Chuck when you
update your presentation I think you should also link to it from the
GBJ page for more visibility. Basically at that point we can say
"here's a video to watch, here's some training sessions, and here's a
presentation you can use."

Jorge Castro
jorge (at) ubuntu.com
External Project Developer Relations
Canonical Ltd.

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- Bret
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