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At the Geeknic last weekend Lee made some amazing guacamole, I know I
wasn't the only one who enjoyed it so here's the recipe that Lee gave
me permission to forward along :)

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Before I forget, here is my Guacamole recipe.  I think I just made
this up,  or got the main
ingredients from someone and experimented.

For country style, mash with potato masher and cut tomatoes in large pieced.

All ingredients +/- to taste

5 ripe Avocados mashed
1     small lime squeezed   into Avocados and mixed
1     tsp salt
4     cloves garlic , pressed  ( more to taste if desired )
1/2   small yellow or sweet Onion, diced
1 pt  small grape tomatoes,  sliced or quartered not too small
2-4     tsp ground cumin
1     tsp (optional) Ancho powder or smoked Chipotle , or smoked Habanero
     ( like - chile today hot tomale brand )

I used Ancho (mild) for the crowd today.

Mix,  cover with plastic wrap pressed against mix to remove all air.
The Guacamole
will turn brown soon after exposure to air.

Let sit a few hours or overnight - not longer as it will oxidize


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