[Ubuntu PA] Possible New NTR Project

Art Alexion art.alexion at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 02:14:03 BST 2008

Brian Stempin wrote:
>     I do this 2-3 times a week.  I know where the cruft lives and I know how
>     important it is for people not to lose their stuff.  Would you want to
>     be instructed to destroy your stuff?
> No, I wouldn't, nor was I advocating this.
> I think the idea of backing up the user's data and restoring it for them
> (cruft-free) is pretty neat.  I don't think that what Jim or Kevin
> described can do this for 100% of users.  It does not have the space or
> the cruft-avoidance ability.  The broken links that something like this
> would produce from missing programs, etc etc is a ton of cruft and
> confusion for end-users.  Also, there has been no mention of what would
> happen if the user has more data than the aux drive can handle.
> I just think that it would be simpler to have the user back their data
> up.  Perhaps we can somehow aid in this (ie, perhaps aiding the user in
> running an special NT backup script that stores the backup on the aux
> drive), but automating it with *0* user intervention is probably not a
> good idea.

I propose backing up three folders -- not to an internal drive, but to a
CD, DVD, or USB stick.  Potentially lots of data, but shouldn't include
installed executables. (Possibly an install package downloaded to the
desktop, though)  So there shouldn't be any concern about breaking
links, etc.

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