[Ubuntu PA] Possible New NTR Project

Brian Stempin brian.stempin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 01:49:34 BST 2008

> My restoration involves, if possible copying the user's Documents,
>> Desktop and Favorites folders before the system restore, then replacing
>> the folders in the restored partition.
> This is one part I haven't put a lot thought into yet.  I like the idea of
> it but it would be tricky.  We have a very limited amount of space to use
> for backups.  We would need a way to cap the amount of storage that Windows
> reserves for its users.  The size of that cap is dictated by the space we
> have on the Linux hard drive, which ain't much.  If it's something that NTR
> wants, we may need to request a larger Linux drive.
> Keep the comments and suggestions coming :)

I would say that automating this is a bad idea.  Most of the time Windows
2000/XP experiences bit-rot, the user's files (registry, config files, bad
installers, etc) are to blame.  The user should backup the files they need
(docs, pics, mp3s) before doing the restore.  Restoring a fresh OS and then
cluttering it with the same crap that the user had in the previous install
is likely to drag along some of the same problems that the user had before.
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